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Heinreich Meister Studio Art Ceramic Vase Dubendorf c1950s

A shudder ran through my body when i came upon this vase sitting tucked away in a corner stuffed with a huge bunch of dusty plastic flowers. No need to turn it over to see whodunnit as it spoke loudly that it was of Heinrich Meister of Dubendorf. Tossing aside the flowers, a puff of dust filled the air, and i coughed with a sneeze but full of shaking delight. Never had i found such a beauty that sent shivers overall and immediately whipped out my wallet, John Wayne style,( Un Homophobic style) and paid the bill with a dash to the front door. This amazing pot stands 45cm high and with a belly at 33cm. The inner glaze is a cream and green. The base is marked *Meister* with a number, with a further impressed Switzerland and AH. With it being marked Switzerland i would hazard a guess this was an export piece, if not why the Switzerland, which does not appear on any other Meister pieces i have in my collection.

Here is a picture of my new baby :

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