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American Automobiles of the 60s Wide Track Pontiac in the U.S World report 1962

May 20, 2019

Being in the business of all things of the past, i came across the news magazine of the U.S.A., in the name of U.S. World Report 1962. Alongside all the news of that period,Communism,Americans travelling into space,the building of the space needle in Seattle and a diverse section dedicated to politics and steel, there are some wonderful adverts on American Automobiles.


The first advert to appear is that of *Body by Fisher* appearing on page 10, inside left full page, leading the other manufactures.Looking at the terminolgy and structure of text seems like they threw the book at perspective buyers. So let me give you a taste of the text.


So much of the buy is in the body….. Body by Fisher makes it a better buy.           Are we convinced by that today? Pontiac Firebird :list cars 1960s

Main Text : From the long-lasting luster of its gleaming finish – to the deep down comfort of its spacious interiors – you get more for your money, more to enjoy with Body by Fisher. A big point to remember because ….such a big part of the buy is in the body. The body is where you will travel and take your ease. The body is where you will “live”. So you can see that it pays to take a look a the body, before you take the keys to a new car. And when you look down the list of no-cost extras on the right you will see : Body by fisher makes it a better buy!


One wonders if one would dare, with todays technology, whether an advert would appear like this one does. How times have changed not only in reaching your target market but also the gas guzzlers. Imagine the trunk/boot space that this vechile has. I guess what this advert is saying *tell them enough times and they will believe it* not much changed as to the politics of today.

Completing another bit …….Look at where you will *live* before you buy. Complete with sound barrier silencing. In addition a 9 point list detailing the benifits which reads like someone on drugs, magic mirror, snorkels in the air, living room interiors, rock solid construction, big T trunks, softies and non-creep carpets, dielectric, captains bridge visilbility and finally gateway doors.

A great Bolg read on Pontiacs ……Indepth read


To follow is the * Thurderbird* (next blog) which is infused with poetic verse. Sounds so dream like to discover this cars unique pleasures !