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American Hearts and Minds go Awry

July 19, 2019

P1120825Remembering as a young man the heartbreak on the death of one of Americas great Presidents with high ideals and morals, i just had to purchase this Offical Inaugural Program. On reading through President Kennedys address to not only the nation but inclusive of the world. The last time we heard similar words and high ideals were from President Obama, the first and certainly not the last, black president.

As time goes by many forget the *good* and are focused on what is impossibly promised. Reading this address fills one with hope and joy. When one is truly tuned into the self ,love flows abundantly. Where teachers, whether public or private, loose their high ideals of fairness,love and compassion for their fellow man then the pain and heartache reaches all corners. As it is said *As we sow, so shall we reap * It will only be the foolish or ignorant that will scoff or ignore the words of the wise and holy men, past and present.

Here is a link to the address : Speech


Some will say those were just words, sadly he did not live long enough to see his high ideals, fairness and civilty among all men in this world. He speaks of those who prefer to ride the tiger but finally ends up inside the tiger. That he would work that the strong are just and the poor, free and secure. Best to listen to the address and then decide whether the generation of today have learnt by the mistakes of the past, rather being selfish and ignorant of the plight of the depressed and poor.

The world is Gods own and no man can lay claim to ownership of any land, for surely they would be fools. God created all that is good and great and only the ignorant and foolish man would think that he can usurp the role of the Divine by saying he will make the land great, and worse of all by saying *AGAIN*. Christians should hang their heads in shame in their support of such retoric, but here we can say the words that they preach, is not the truth but mere verbal diarrhoea, changing when it suits their pockets.

Only LOVE will set you free.P1120826