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American Pontiac – watcher wide track 1962

July 3, 2019

P1120692As promised here is another picture and details of cars manufactured in the USA in 1962. This is depicted in the U.S.News & World Report magazine.

The header is : Why go on just being a Pontiac – watcher?  Catalina makes owning one so easy. A lovely cool shade of green and wonderful leather seats in colour to match. The grill looks like a huge smile with a pug nose on the bonnet. Sleek and slender it sure is. Now heres the line…..

Its got everything that makes 1962 belong to Pontiac! The performance, the handling, the style, the fineness. Wait for it theres more…

Its Trophy V- 8 comes on with form 215 to 348. Runs on a diet of regular gas and there is a Special Ventura trim available in Sports Coupe and Vista models.

This new breed of “Cat” is primed and priced to start you Wide – Tracking……hey are they selling cars or something to sniff. Today one can read so much into what the OLD times were all about and yet a far cry from the reality of todays world.

Not only did the rest of the world have Grand Old Days, so did America. They were Grand times for the time. Some may allude to *Great* but thats all nonsense as we know that when you build up something to make it so-called great, it has to come crashing down. Seen the Zimbabwe ruins at all, they built a monster and today its simply ruins.

Itersetingin this magazine there is a lot of discussion about border control and the immigrants which President Kenndy tries to get to grips with the situation, not a problem as stated today. But i digress as sometimes we all do.

Speaking of *The Swamp* heres Kennedys take with Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. Quote : As of November set out to change what a White House aide once called “that vast, immobile, impenetrable bureaucracy in the state department. Also talking of the Top Brains etc.

Well a good read with so many other detailed stories of the *Good Old Days * Tralala.