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American WW11 Folk Trench Art Tankard

June 19, 2019

It is not often that one finds WW1 or WW11 trench art in Switzerland, as the Swiss are a nation of neutrality. This stunning brass tankard made from a shell case, has in-depth information and details of how the allied forces defeated the germans in WW11.

It is  interesting to note that whoever created this story had done so with the story inverted. The handle being crudely made and attached with a hand made rivit. This was attached after all the fine details were etched into the shell case. It has a cartouche stating * Brass used for the manufacture of this tankard was salvaged from the battlefields of world war 11 *


The scene is rather extensive stretching from the Egean Sea to Algeria and Spain.The various countries are depicted where the forces fought their way to final victory. Countries and landing dates as well as images of peoples from each region, some in their national dress. Two American soldiers as well as barges near France. In various scenes, one finds a picture depicting shells exploding and ships at Malta where the Italian navy surrendered. Two German soldiers with hands raised in surrender * Milan May 2 1945*

There is just so much going on its amazing that someone had the time to etch this tankard with all the places and relevant dates. The outside lines of the tankard are not perfectly done as would be in a factory or reprodution. The Tankard has a glorious patination and has not been cleaned for many, many years.

This piece was not an easy buy as the previous owner was reluctant in parting with the tankard which had being handed down. Being a dealer I thought…hmmm…rather than this being relegated to the cellar this deserves being shown and passed on as a piece of history.

Should you be interested in owing this special piece, do visit our shop. More detailed pictues in the shop under Obects d Art.


Amerian Folk Art WW

 At a later stage i will also share with you an album filled with Boer war photos of some of the generals standing alongside and infront of the Long Tom Cannon, on board a train.

A great link WW11 folk art : American Folk Art WW11     (PDF file)