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Antiques in Saas im Prättigau Switzerland

November 21, 2018

Having spoken of my travels around Switzerland and all the quaint villages and their snowy twisting roads and green summer wonderland, here is a small view of the village i live and work in, Saas….Saas im Prättigau Switzerland. Our village was recently incorporated into the Klosters/Davos municipality which actually makes sense as all the amenities are so close to each other and within 10mins to Klosters and 25/30 mins to Davos. It is a great location for secret lovers wanting that utmost privacy as the homes/apartments are set well away from those prying eyes. Some are on the real outskirts of the centre of the village, which by the way is real small and has no central switchboard, you know what i mean. The roads have recently been resurface and new walkways with a small central meeting place with a fountain and believe it or not a fabulous new bus station as well as a spanking new designer toilet…..and its free!!!

So what is so special about Saas….it sits on a plateau overlooking the valley and with spectacular views of the alps on both sides. The houses are mostly very traditional with about 15 new modern homes built in the last 15 months and more are set to be built. Over the years there has been very little built and from the new buildings going up shows that Saas is one the favorite places due to its quiet and serene atmosphere as well as the spectacular views. Presently there are 729 persons living in the village with the average age between 25 – 64 and the male/female ratio nearly one to one implying that this is a family village. It really is ideal for those who are ardent painters, climbers, hikers, bikers, skiers and those who really want the tranquil and seclusion of a fine holiday getaway.

Two local hotels cater mostly to foreign guests as well as Zurich visitors who normally come on winter holidays as the amenities are really super. One can catch a bus to Klosters, a great skiing resort amongst other things to do on the main street. A cable car ride to the very top and then to ski all the way back down to Saas. There is a small railway station, which has a restaurant run by an ex chef from the famous Orient Express. The terrain also caters for langlauf (cross country skiing) and tobogganing. There are several fantastic runs from the very top down a scenic ride to the base of Saas. Another fast and can be dangerous but thrilling run is two villages away with easy access.

The local river….the Landquart….runs at the bottom of the village and the waters are crystal clear with many twist and turns with little rapids as well as a recently re-contructured wooden bridge. The old bridge being washed away a couple of years ago and it was frightening as well as spectacular to watch the torrents of water carrying everything in its path. Hmmm not so nice for those further down who suffered loss but what i really want to draw attention to is the setting of this thrilling river and its surroundings. There are sign posts set up guiding you on walks to be taken crossing the river and walk ways giving you a choice of a calm amble or steep climb. One is also able to rent an entire log cabin  or simply an apartment at the most affordable prices adding here that the hotels have an included ski pass and bus tickets.

Here is a link to the prospectus of Saas….Saas Prospectus. Airbnb have several apartments on their books.

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