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Chief Oskenonton 1888/1955 Son & Grandson of great Chiefs from the Mohawk tribe of the Bear Clan

February 5, 2018

A collection of Atrifacts of the famous Mohawk Chief Oskenonton

chief01Being fortunate enough to have been introduced to the history of this famous Chief by means of purchasing the collection shown from a old friend of the Chief.

Strangely his birth date 27th May is the same as mine and at a young age been interested in the Red Indian culture i jumped at the chance of buying this collection. A quick browse through the web and a whole world opened up on the history and facts to this very talented man. I have treasured these over the last 20years and thought i would like to share it with those interested as well as giving me an opportunity of sharing some links. The most compelling link is that of the “10 Commandments* of the Red Indian tribes and the way they lived their lives in such great contrast to the white faces.

In the last 10 years i have discovered a new way of life and becoming aware of True Reality as taught by Sri Ramana Marharshi. Reading through the Sprituality of the Red Indians i was rather taken aback as their way of life and belief in the Great White Spirit is so pure and indeed simple. We can learn so much from their teachings which would lead us to understand Who or What we really are. It is this that Sri Ramana teaches….Who or What Am I ?

Chief Oskenonton travelled thoughout South Africa several times and gave performances to schools and held concerts around the country. What an ambassador to his peoples and their traditions. Being important in teaching those at a younger age as these will be the leaders/followers of the future with a truely great understanding of all peoples. He was also contracted in the cutting of several records of his tribal music/chanting and drumming.

Of note he is seen alongside Anton Lang at Oberammergau, Bavaria Germany where the passion play takes place every 10 years, the next being in 2020.Postcard shown with Chief Oskenonton standing next to Anton Lang.

The Bracelet, beads,jewels and blanket seen worn by the Chief in several photos in the collection as well as some of his school visits with programmes.

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