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Hand beating snow can be a turn on. Learn how!

February 13, 2019

What the 1950s did to the collecting universe? It made these cane hand beaters collectible and pushed ideas to the limit in their use as decorative items, as to their functionality. It also opened up another avenue and that been of *spanking*,not as in the new, but rather that in *kinky*or as some would say……more adventurous type.

Remembering school days where that fiendish schoolmaster/mistress whipped out their cane to inflict punishment or pain. Did they really have punishment in mind or pure lust in the realm of *self satisfaction* I remember one in particular, a 60 year old who was small in stature and bespectacled with rather thin lips with a mean attitude to absolute obedience. My butt on several occasions thick swollen stripes, like that of road bumps. She lasted one year only as we made her life hell after the frequent beatings she doled out to all and sundry.

So i digress from the topic of….carper hand beaters. These items made initially from cane as well as wire in the late 19thc to early 20thc to help housewives clean their carpets Ladies could be seeing in their house clothes with a colourful apron beating the carpets hanging from a line or the sorts. As we have progressed over the years and with new science it would be advisable to wear a cotton mask to avoid breathing in all those fine particals flying around. A positive nowadays. The ends had a metal cap which held all the canes together with a round clip so that it could be hung up out-of-the-way. These items caught the imaginal of one and all and the comics had their poke…shown on *funny* seaside postcards, they depict a man bent over a chair with *the* woman giving him a beating with appropriate text. This shows that these items were already in another realm of imagination.

So whether collectible, funny, functional or the master/mistress trend they are somewhat, today, a mix match to their original purpose. What next…the cheese grater! Thats how we are, innovative, probing, experimental and some more perverse in spanking.

Speak of spanking, i have just purchased a spanking new I.Phone, not an Apple but rather a fortune cookie type.

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