About Us

Jeannot Schadli and Norman Warbreck started trading in antiques 30 years ago and have since relocated to the quaint village of  Saas Im Prättigau in the swiss Canton of Graubunden. Great walks through the mountains where the locals still greet you with a friendly…:gruezi

All in all a great holiday location with a golf course, casino, thermal baths and amazing views from the very top of Weissfluhjoch all within a few mintues drive or by the Rhaetian Railway.

Norman specializes in English and European porcelain and has a keen interest in silver and glass. A new venture into the world of German ceramics from the 1950/1970 period has seen him eat , sleep and drink these amazing ceramics which for all these years have been consigned to the attics only once again to re surface with there amazing colors and designs.

This and much more you may discover in our online-shop

Or visit us at : Hauptstrasse 50, Saas Im Prättigau

Contact : Noje27@bluewin.ch             081 332 2934

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