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Horrific WW11 Nazi Propaganda Photos

September 1, 2019

P1130025P1130027P1130026The next three pictures showing + h + with his generals planning the next stage of their totally misguided ideas of how to, try, rule the world and establish an arian race. It is interesting to note that they all have medals and flashy uniforms which tells a story on its own, who were the designers of such and did + h + have any say in their designs.

How can we even compare yesterdays evil nature to todays behaviour by current leaders. The world, as we are, do just that time and time again. This looking at the past has brought into being *Never to let this happen again* which in fact is in todays climate rather futile and soon forgotten. We speak of the future generation which, the world expects, to carry the weight of the past and the question can be debated as * why should we*.

As seen in the first picture they are viewing their plans and all standing firmly behind or alongside their leader. These are the enablers which simply follow without question or simply dread the consequences should they deviate. Perhaps in private they voiced other ideas but as men one would think that they had a spine. There is so much talk between father and son, on many occasions that i can remember, boys/men don’t cry, or man up boy! That is the biggest lot of BS i have experienced in life and looking at the current regimes their truth seems to change to suit the moment. One only has to look at the chaos from country to country and all those who have the opportunity to lead with greater ideals, have simply stayed silent to protect their positions and wealth.

In the last picture we see +h+ eating dry bread and goulash whilst viewing the theatre of war. Little did he know that his entire population would experience just this for a long time due to his created horrors. So in fact if we are so compelled, looking at lessons from the past and learning from them, the world has failed miserably. These so-called”men” have sold their souls to power and wealth and the ignorant people who vote for and support them will in time feel *the burn*. Its all ego-driven and the world would be well off having more woman with experience and a mothers caring heart to lead and guide a nation. This excludes people like the D-voses of the world, but rather woman without greed and ignorance.

Heres wishing that those who have a spine to stand up, as you are being paid and handsomely, by the peoples. Men Phew!

To follow a view of the war machinery…and devastation.

Current Generals

The worlds view