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Antique Royal Vienna Porcelain Portrait Cabinet Plate heavily Jewelled c1890


A striking hand-painted portrait plate of a young woman. The details are finely painted and the overall plate is heavily gilded and jewelled with turquoise. The plate is from the German factory Berlin. Artists at this time only painted on the best porcelain blanks that were available.

The Royal Vienna mark was used by these artists alongside that of the sceptre mark of Berlin. The reverse of the plate has the faint mark of Royal Vienna beehive as well as the name *Lisa* and date. These marks were painted in a puce colour which faded over time.

It is good to note that the Berlin sceptre mark was copied. The genuine blanks from the company will show the blue marks as well as impressed numbers and a letter of the alphabet. These numbers and marks are to be found on this exquisite cabinet plate. The plate is signed by the artist.




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