Arabia Finland *Uhtua* part dinner service ..Ulla Procope


Arabia Finland *Uhtua* part dinner service ..designer : Ulla Procope

This service is not only simple and elegant it is also so robust and will survive the dishwasher.

Condition : Never been used

Size : Various

Price : Sfr.

Available :

6 cups and saucers                            Sfr.30.00 each

6 tall cups and saucers (coffee)         Sfr.28.00 each

6 Eggcups                                          Sfr.10.00 each

6 Dinner plates                                   Sfr.30.00 each

6 Side plates                                       Sfr.10.00 each

1 Platter                                              Sfr.35.00

1 Milk jug                                            Sfr.20.00

Price complete set :                           Sfr.650.00


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