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Chief Oskenonton Canadian Red Indian Jewellery and blanket c1920

This collection of Jewellery, blanket, drum stick, photographs and programs were purchased from a close friend of Chief Oskenonton some 35 years ago. Being taken aback by the information on this talented man I was super surprised to note that we share the same birthdate, 27th May.

The bracelet I guess is silver inset with a semi-precious stone and decorated with various symbols, arrows, triangles, owls and swastikas related to his tribe, the Bear Clan of the Mohawk tribe. The swastika is that of an ancient sacred symbol of healing and well being. There is a split in the bracelet which would happen as I guess he wore this daily.

The beaded bracelet is lined with leather and in great condition.

The Shell necklace has a similar semi-precious stone as that which is set in the silver bracelet. The length of the neckpiece is 35,5cm , representing approx. 250 shells which are all hand cut and shaped. The Indians in earlier times used shells as currency, but I guess these were not used for that purpose, perhaps notify monetary success.

The amazing beadwork neckpieces are so finely made with great detail. The blue beaded neckpiece is 50cm long and approx. 550 tiny glass beads.

The colourful neckpiece is 44cm long and filled with many symbols ending with an Eagle, which could be the Thunderbird or that of the Mohawks of Bay Quinte. The eagle represents, divine, dominion, provision, authority and indomitable spirit. There is a loss of three beads. The fine and delicate work must have taken a toll on the eyesight in completing these fine works.

His baritone voice was heard far and wide, also having three LPs pressed, which are so so rare. He sang in various productions of *Hiawatha*, a Red Indian passion play. The last photograph shows him standing alongside Anton Lang who, for many years, took the leading baritone role in the passion play at Oberammergau. This in itself is a rare picture.

In the large frame, one can see the Chief wearing the shell neckpiece and in the wooden frame shows him wearing the bracelet. One can also see the blanket over his arm, measuring 92 x 47cm without the tassels. The blanket is in very good condition. The wooden drumstick measures 25,5cm.

There is a good amount of information, should one wish to expand on this Chief and subject, online. This is being sold as a complete collection

Condition: Overall items in good condition with a few nicks here and there.

Price: On request


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