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Persian antique ceramic wall tiles in enamel colors with brilliant glazes


Persian antique ceramic wall tiles in enamel colors brilliant glaze. These type of tiles were in prodution 4700BCE and carried on till late 19thc, with that being said they are still made today. The body made of ground quartz and a small added mixture of white clay and glaze. This allowed for the painting to remain stable and then it was covered with a thin alkaline glaze. Tiles were firstly used on temple floors and after noticing that they did nor survive that well, they were then used as wall decoration. Later they virtually covered entire buildings with their glorious colours and designs. 19thc

Condition: The flower tile in very good condition. The second tile in deep blue has a small surface crack. The lighter blue tile has a crack through the body.

Size : 18cm x 18cm x 1,5cm thick

Price : CHF150..00 each      The light blue tile at CHF65.00

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