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Rorke`s Drift Art Pottery South Africa by Lindumusa Mabaso bowl & cover


A Rare Rorke`s Drift pottery bowl & cover by Lindumusa Mabaso.  This wonderful bowl with two handles and a lid with a mythical creature. Here one finds the stories that were passed down from generation to generation expressed in the art form on this bowl. The one side, of a woman staring at an elephant separated by a tree. The opposite side of a man with a lion while a woman watches on, also separated by a tree. Painted on the lid one sees 2 mules as well as two women, one bare-chested and the other in western dress. The finial is of a mythical creature.

This is how Lindumusa Mabaso is described by * Mathodi Freddie Motsamayi * in his master thesis : Her artwork is defined by narrative figures of *isilwayane*. To differentiate it from other ceramics thrown at the R.D.P Workshops, it shows groups of figures, in narrative sequences, likely to be *isilwanyane* The bowl is fully signed to the base.

Link to thesis:Bernstein Collection

Condition . Perfect

Size : 19 cm x 13 cm high

Price : CHF. SOLD

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