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Rorstand Blue Koka ....Hertha Bengtsson 1950s

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Rorstand Blue Koka part dinner service…Replacements

Large dinner plate        : 24cm     6 Available in near perfect condition         Sfr.35.00 ea.

Soup Bowl                   : 20cm     8 Available        ”       ”           ”                   Sfr.25.00 ea.

Saucepan with handle                 2 Available    perfect condition                  Sfr.25.00 ea

Cup & Saucer                            10 Available    perfect condition                  Sfr.35.00 ea

Egg Cups                                    8 Available    perfect condition                  Sfr.12.00 ea

Milk & Sugar bowl                       1     ”                 ”            ”                          Sfr.35.00 pair

Other pieces : Soup tureen,platters various sizes,teapot & lid,veg.bowls & milk jugs

prices  and condition on request.

Hertha Bengtsson was the leading designer for Rorstrand Sweden an dis represented in the Swedish Museum of Art & Design.