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Rörstrand Blue Koka Dinnerware by Bertha Bengston...Sweden

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Dinner service by Bertha Bengston for Rorstrand Sweden


List of items available

7 egg cups                             Perfect                            Sfr.10.00 ea

6 teacups & saucers Large                                            Sfr.45.00 ea    9 x 7cm

8 teacups & saucers              Near perfect                    Sfr.45.00 ea     8 x 6,5cm

3 dinner plates                        Near Perfect                   Sfr.35.00 ea    Sold Out

14 side plates                            ”        ”                          Sfr.Out of Stock

4 teapots                                 Perfect                            Sfr00.00 ea Sold

14 cream jugs                         Perfect                            Sfr.oo.00 ea Sold

9 soup plates                         Perfect                            Sfr.Out of Stock

7 serving platters                    Perfect various sizes       Sfr.45-125.00

3 sauce pots with lids             Perfect                            Sfr.65.00 ea

2 soup tureens                        Perfect                            Sfr.145.00 ea

25 October 2020 :

Just Arrived  : the items listed in excellent condition and looks like never been used. Just stunning to find them in this high-quality condition.

12 Dinner Plates                       23cm : 9.2inches             Sfr.95.00 ea  All Sold

12 Side Plates                          19cm  : 7.5inches             Sfr.45.00 ea  All Sold

12 cups and saucers    (cup)    8×6,5cm : 3×3.5h inches  Sfr.45.00 ea