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Swiss Air-Raid Lantern Egloff & Cie....Helvetia Luftschutz Armature WW11


Swiss Air-Raid Lantern Egloff & Cie…Helvetia Luftschutz Armature World War Two….c1942

A super Swiss rarity in overall good condition. A stunning colbalt blue glass.

The large dimming hood in black metal with wording : Helvetia Luftschutz-Armature

+Pat.ANG+  Aufhangehöhe 1m

The base of lamp (bottom of feul tank)is stamped with the Swiss Cross. The base also carries the name….Helvetia in raised letters.

There is a similar lamp in the Swiss Army Museum.

Condition : very good with a few spots of slight rusting. Easily removed.

Price. Sfr. On Request………SOLD

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