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Terracotta Figures by renowned artist Amedeo Fiorese Italy


A great Pair of figures depicting a man and a woman by renowned artist Amedeo Fiorese Italy. Amedeo has over the years had his works placed in the best museums and other prominent places. These figures are from his earlier period and fully signed. I have included correspondence from his agent Mr.Vasco who kindly showed the pictures to Amendeo. He has confirmed these are by his hand making them rather special.
On 12/02/22 14:03, Vasco B wrote:

Dear Norman
Thanks for your email.

Yes, this two figures have been crafted by Amedeo Fiorese himself.

I showed directly to Amedeo the pictures and he confirmed they have been handmade by him.

Thanks for your kind interest and best regards


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Il giorno 8 feb 2022, alle ore 14:04, Norman Warbreck & Jeannot Schädli <> ha scritto:

Dear sirs

I found your interesting site and wondered whether these two figures are by your artist Amedeo Fiorese

I thank you in advance

Kind regards

Norman Warbreck

Condition : Very good

Size: 30….35.5cm High

Price: CHF1200.00 pair

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