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Ruth Keller Swiss ceramist early 20thc and finding a new signature related to her Studio

August 3, 2022

It has been sometime since i lasted posted anything that would swing a head around and have notice taken. Over the years i have been intrigued by the diversity of this Swiss ceramist and ofcourse the various signatures that she has used.

My first foray into her ceramics i have listed under Swiss ceramics on my site.(search function : Ruth Kellar ) and up comes the list. The bowl which is listed with hand painted cows, odd as they may seem in character, is the closest to my latest find and had helped in establishing new data as to her Studio and various signatures that  have been found as of todays date. We are aware that she worked with Margret Hoz from 1948 for approximately 25years using her own mark *the Lizard*. Hence she has become known as the Lizard lady in the Swiss ceramic world.

Over the subsequent years her signature included other marks, REK and a Z in a circle. She then opened her own studio in 1972 in Saas Fee in the Canton Wallis where her designs changed to the more modern and bizzarre , should i dare.Listed here are some examples of her work with the mark TZE in various forms with dates and names. The TZE = Töpferei zur Eidechs

Her other designs of various animals are rather charming but of an earlier production date. There are no other examples i have found over the last 20 years and would love to hear from other collectors of what they may have. Does that mean these are *rare* ? What i find charming is the simplicity of the painting using various colours that, bodly make them stand out.