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Ruth Keller Swiss Ceramist….Schweiz Keramik

February 5, 2018

Large charger hand painted with wild Strawberries

keller01Over the years i have come across many differnet styles from this artist with no one definite style that i could nail down. One would have to look at the signature before truly knowing that it was of her creation. Perhaps i have not handled enough to judge it from a distance as her creations vary to a wide degree.

Some are absolutely charming and well painted especially her earlier works which i think rather define her freedom as an artist. Unusual items have also been found that you would say * what is that hers * and these i have found to be rather rare or perhaps not enough has appeared in the market place.

It is the more bizarre and larger pieces that attract me as to the usual run of the mill items. This charger is from her earlier period and has being well potted as well as * what i call honestly * painted. The free flow painting of the leaves and the wild strawberries are just charming and well executed. The Strawberries stand proud of the leaves giving them a depth apart from the rest of the painting. The inner circles rather remind me of the Chinese way of painting with the circles fading to the outer rings.

Plum in the middel is a single strawberry standing proud. This would look great as a centre piece to a modern style of living including the more farm like interior design. Used as a patio wall decoration is rather stunning as it blends into the nature aspect and seems to explode in its colors.

Ruth Keller was born in 1920 and founded her studio which produced items for 25 years. She then teamed up with Margret Hoz and here the signature changed. She once again went on her own with yet another signature , this all helps to date her creations more accurately.

Ruth Keller is know as the * Lizard * lady.

The Swiss market has finally recognized her talents and creations with prices rising for the more desirable pieces. So look out for creations by the * Lizard * lady.

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