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The best 40cm i have experienced ever !

February 8, 2020

There are times when we all get very excited about something that gets our juices flowing and this is one of those times for me. It is not always about size but also the shape and the feel of it that sets off those juices flowing.

The shape certainly has a lot to do with the excitement and the way the hand has played a major role. Without a good sense of balance and shape, it could seem to be just another one of those things that have size on its side. This has all the desire one could wish for as it is seldom that one finds such a wonderful object. I reached for it and held it in my hand and with a gentle stroke, i felt its warmth and smoothness, a slight glint of sunlight fell on it giving it a shine. Oh how my heart raced and thumped in my chest with delirious delight

So what are we talking about here that could induce the mind to swirl and meander as to the actual object, simply an exotic watering-can dated from the 1950s. The craftsman who designed this feature in all its complexities and the pure balance must have had years of experience in working with this age-old material.

It has been suggested that copper was first extracted some 5000/6000 years ago by the Mesopotamians. It was prized for its aesthetic qualities and beauty to manufacture decorative items for the wealthy. It was what is considered today as the silver and gold to those who could afford it. Of course today the common man can afford to purchase copper by the ton and has since expanded the use for so many applications and decorative items.

This piece shows how skilful the designer/craftsman was as he formed a functional object and pushing the boundaries in craftsmanship by allowing the eye to be attracted to its true beauty and shape. The body, as can be seen in the pictures, shows the absolute neatness in the forming and joining of the sheet of copper with precision. The extremely neat join at the base amazes me to no end. The metal straps are equally treated in style and shape. The long spout, 20cm, has an elegance that once again shows extreme craftmanship. The white metal straps are then bound with two different materials helping exaggerate the curved form.

The Japanese have a similar technique and there is one man who designs and makes similar objects still today. Rather on the larger side, they take about a year to complete. These were used for Bonsai and other potted plants allowing just the right amount of water at a tilt. I have simply rubbed this piece allowing the original patination to present itself with that glorious deep ancient look.

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This is what i look like : Copper watering can 1950sIMG_20200208_101844