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U.S.News & World Report Outlook for 1962.

July 17, 2019

P1120819Little did the American nation know that shy one one month to the year their beloved, yet ladies man, would no longer be alive. All the information in this text is verbatim from the U.S.News 1962 as reported. Here we can see how contracts and new ideas were being formed and hope to deliver on them, but alas we find that those hard things to do, still exist today, and have become more tribal and toxic.

People of the week : 1962

Astronaut Glenn. A 40-year-old marine has been selected as the first U.S. space astronaut to be rocketed into orbital flight in space. Lieut.Col.John Herschel Glenn,Jr., was named for the mission after the U.S. orbited a chimpanzee and recovered the animal from the Atlantic on November 29.

Inflammatory Rhetoric: Trouble in London for Negro Diplomats……..

London – African diplomats here, as do those assigned to the U:S. have a problem finding a place to live.

A staff member of the Nigerian High Commission explains: You know the sort of thing you meet: I would love to have you because personally I like Africans, but I am afraid the neighbors would  not stand for the coloured people moving into this block of flats. ::::::Another Nigerian official who found a London home reported that a sign was painted on his car parked outside. :::::The sign read : “Go home, Nigger”

As always we rather like the good positive news and that natural instinct or should i say “our true nature” LOVE. The Glenn story was positive yet in one foul swoop we see the ignorance of people who have not managed to find their true selves, instead, they try to reflect their dislike, some may even say hated, onto others. This ignorance spoken of is not that they are not well educated but rather that of a society that takes and takes from the less fortunate with little regard as to their true nature. Sure there are some that have this inbred from their ignorant elders but then who taught them ?

Census Update : Then and Now

……at 3:01pm on November 30, the U.S. population reached 185 million, according to the ” census clock ” in the Commerce Department. A growth of 5 million since last years census. And now read the good part * Commerce Secretary Luther H Hodges, shown leading “CHEERS” for the 185-millionth American, predicted a population of 200 million in 1966.

So we find that todays leader of the free world has very different ideas and non-celebratory at all. Lacking in good knowledge, love and respect, for fellow Americans but yet would hug a fabric-flag just shows that man has a long long way to go to understanding their true nature. I mean who would hug and love a flag rather than someone who is your own kind, irrespective of race, religion or any other kind. It is in this that we are lacking in empathy for all.

Birth Control : Ala 1962…….Bith-control Drug – results of a test.

Los Angeles : A four-year test of oral contraceptives proved them to be safe and effective, according to the report of researchers of the Planned Parenthood Center of the UCLA Medical school. The report said that, amoung 570 women in the test, only 6 unplanned pregnacies occurred, and five of those were due to incorrect use of the drug. With the ME TOO movement alive and throbbing today the outcome of so-called *new rules* would not likely succeed. Who is or can really be the judge ?

The reading of snippets and new legislation features in this World Report of 1962 is astounding when we compare to whats happening today. Not much, in many regards, of ideas and proposals have come into force and we find those very same things been fought over today.

More on the economy and how they planned to fix is as well as immmigration at that time, but thats for the next Blog and in the meantime wishing you all the Love and understanding of who or what we truly are ?

The wise : will question deeply….. just this. The ignorant will simply follow like sheep.