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Vienna Porcelain Manufacture Imperial ownership by Empress Maria Theresia

May 10, 2019

My Facination with porcelain started some 40 years ago and has not dissipated. My collection of fine English porcelain from the mid 18thc slowed as pieces were more difficult to find. My eye turned to the extremely fine porcelains of the Vienna Manufacture and have since sourced some fine examples. The danger of buying is not knowing what you are buying and whether it is a genuine piece, or a later copy, where the mark can be deceptive.

The factory started in 1718 under the guidance of Claudius Innocentius Papuier, being the sole producer in Vienna. The only competition was that of Meissen which is also a high standard of fine porcelains. Here i would like to share some information, written by the Manufacture, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. The reason being is that there is so much in the market place that purports to be true Vienna porcelain and most of the time it is misrepresented. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the manufacturer and its <beehive> mark which is always under glaze blue. There is also an early impressed mark, but rather scarce.

Vienna Manufacture History

It was rather interesting reading that they produced not that much per year and most bought by the wealthy. So what has changed over the years as we look at todays market, whether it be porcelain, cars,private jets,yachts and the playgrounds of the wealthy. The middle class came into their own and were able to buy these beautifully hand decorated treasures. Today one is still able to fine pieces at reasonable prices but rather at markets than from dealers in fine porcelain, as i have found that those selling, on markets, do no or little research. Here is an example from my collection.

One can Google *Vienna Porcelain Manufacture* and a plethora of information is available on line. Ebay can be a less reliable source, not in all cases, on defining the correct attribution yet there is a page where Ebay states on a well written article, the true attribution and is more precise than some of the sellers. As the old adage goes *buyer beware*

As we are speaking of Vienna here is a link on travelling to Vienna which is crammed with pertinent information on all that is Vienna. Where to stay and the valuable * Vienna Pass * which helps one save as you travel around Vienna. If visting Vienna enjoy the beautiful surroundings and its peoples, i had a great time and had the most amazing meals, mostly searching for those out of the way places which proved to be the best and had an opportunity in meeting some extremely kind people.

Visit Vienna

This piece dated to : 1816…the impressed no 32 is of the painter : Johann Heroldt who worked from 1785 to 1828