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Vitra Design Museum,Weil am Rhein

June 20, 2018

Our visit to the Museum was planned weeks in advance as there was so much to see and experience, so we were told. A visit to their website tells it all and with over 200 actual photographs of exhibits and locations. After reading through their detailed plan we researched what we wanted to do and see, afterall we did not want to do the full 4 hour guided tour but rather meander and discover for ourselves what was on offer.

P1090298We arrived at the museum and was greeted by rows upon rows of cherry trees loaded with ripened fruit and yeah who could resist, we picked some. Infront of us on this hot day there was a mobile van of years goneby design that catered for smaller snacks and icecream. We started with the shop and then meandered through the main building exhibits which were quite stunning and everything having its space and spotlessly clean.

It gave me a feeling of being in a space where people were in love with what they were doing and exhibiting. The staff were exceptionally friendly and had time to inform as well as share a hearty laugh a great difference to what we experienced in Basel. Booklets and a welcome map guide to the Vitra Campus we set off on a find and see tour of the Campus. Well signed we found our way and ofcourse we did get slightly lost at one point but that was to our advantage as we came across some fun play spaces and rested our legs.

Students were present in large groups and were more interested in the Architechtural and production tours as well as the most popular *Night Fever* museum. This was a rather stunning exhibit and well attended. Overall the buildings housing the various exhibits were not crammed with visitors which allowed us time to ask questions and photograph at will. This was really a day well spent experiencing all that was on offer and yet we had just scratched the surface as we had limited time. Another visit is certainly on the cards and knowing what we know now arrangements will be made to visit the other buildings and architectural features.

Should you have the chance/opportunity then it is well worth the minimal fees they charge and mostly free to other exhibits. To show and describe what is on offer cannot do it justice but a quick visit to their website you will be delighted in have a small taste of the Campus as a whole. Not forgetting a tour round the factory which is on site. After 4 hours travelling to the museum and now our return we were exhausted and looking forward to relax on the fabulous Swiss trains which took us through so many picturesque villages and stations. Finally home with a drink in hand and in time for the sun setting…our day draws to a *happy* end.

design-museum link……Information and Photos