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Vreni Wächter best of Swiss Ceramics Zahner Arnold,Linck Margrit,Häusermann

February 3, 2024

Having recently come across some more creations from the Vreni Wächter studio which i have loaded onto the site under Swiss Collectibles. Also a superb plate from the Linck studio hand painted with horses along with a super Meister piece by Arnold Zahner of a fish on an oval shaped dish. Included in this collection of Swiss ceramics there are a number of studio pieces by A.Häusermann of which one can be seen in the front photo with a high fired red glaze which is seldom seen in the market place.


Showing a group of Wächter vases  with a high fired Häusermann to the front left.

Here is a link to the Wächter family. Her father was prolicfic and his wares are hard to find. At the bottom of this link one can see her at work as well as her creations. Unfortunately all in German for English speakers but a quick copy paste to Google translate and you have a near perfect translation.


A short Bio of Ernest Häusermann who also worked with Arnold Zahner

Margrit Linck has many links but here is what i think is the best fro this world renowned ceramist

Browse through the site under Swiss collectibles and a plethora of items from renowed Swiss artists.