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WW11 Photographs of German might and the results.

August 27, 2019

P1130024This is the first photograph in a series of 16 pictures showing the horrors of war and its enablers.

Having just received these pictures and browsing through them, all of a sudden it came to light just where we are today and with the current leaders. This is all about the past and yet we are living in the here and now and not the past or future. What the future holds remains to be seen but there are warning signs right here and now of the hatred and falsehoods spewed by a select number of current leaders.

This picture and those to follow will make the hairs stand up by a select cross section of humanity. At the time of divisive politics they thought that this cannot happen to them and carried on despite the warning signs. Well as we know it all did happen and they perished in the worse conditions imaginable.

The photographs will show the enablers and the might of people which grew due to the hatred and mis-information delivered by the leaders. Today the younger generation is caught up entirely by social media and the wants and desires that they forget about those who are less fortunate who go hungry and are filled with pain and resentment. Perhaps this time will be the same with few taking heed to the warning signs. Ok this cannot happen to us, but to remember that this did not all happen in four years, there was a run up that helped people to dissolve the power of the people, and thereby setting the stage for the 4 coming years.

Above all he stands entering the dark with the light behind and his enablers close behind. Where does this fit in todays world, where Jews are told that should they support anyone other than, they would be disloyal. Ignornace is at the top of the pile here as we all know, or should know, that the Jews only have one *Messiah* and it is not one who gold plates everything and plays excessive golf, not to mention the junk food. If this is not a frightening sign then i would say, you have learnt little from the past, and pray your future lies with the sane and honest.

The 16 Photographs depict life at the front with all the terrifying might and the total destruction of life. Close ups of the enablers, who told the Hague that they knew little of what was going on. Does this sound familiar ? The last picture is of loneliness and desolation yet life stands above all with hope for the tomorrow. It was the reaching out to neighbors with kindness and love that helped so many to overcome. Words matter but are worthless without the action to back them up, helping people to see the light that they truly are.