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WW11 Photographs still raise the hairs on the neck some 60 years on.

October 10, 2019

These few Photographs not only show us the horrors of war but also the growth in industrial ,so called, genius innovations. One wonders why the genius of man lends itself to destruction of others when the great ideas can be put to higher ideals. But then is it all about power and total greed ?

Looking at whats happening in the world today, war theatre, we see that the same is happening and the world stands by paralysed by division and bullies in their leadership. If we take the word of those who are considered teachers that we should learn from them, then we are truly lost, as they have lost their way and values. Ofcourse it is impossible that all of mankind will agree on values, thinking and morals but there should, and there is, a way to overcome this destruction of each other. 

So its boils down to each and everyone to take care of what we say and do that will not inflame distrust and hatred. Relying on what leaders promise is far from the truth, our truth versus their truth, in this lies the division and mistrust. Most countries have a check and balance on these leaders but seldom enforce their knowing of right and wrong, simply as they want to hold onto their positions of power and influence. When will the peoples say enough is enough going forward and taking their power back, after all we put them there. Drag them from their palatial homes/castles and walk them in disgrace.

All this seems harsh but on the other hand the nature of the horrors help us to find out *Who or What* we truly are. Striving to obtain this higher knowledge will lead us to firstly Love ourselves, then and only then, are we able to truly Love all. Peace.